C'est Law Vie™

A practical and judgement-free place to learn about the operational and technology side of running a law practice. 


It started with a typo...

I was writing out the words "c'est la vie" to my assistant and accidentally wrote "c'est law vie". I loved the typo and it became the inspiration for something more. I wrote to my entrepreneurial siblings "I accidentally made up an epic phrase today - c'est law vie". I thought it sounded like the name of a band. My sister said it sounded like a podcast.

Anyway, the name was lodged in my brain. And then, a few days later I learned that in the upcoming year I would not be teaching the university class I have been teaching for the past 5 years (i.e. room in my schedule for something new! Because why take a break when I can be busy?). During the same week I was providing guidance to a colleague who was stuck on some bookkeeping questions.

I started to think about creating some kind of CPD building on what I have already been doing for nearly a decade - helping lawyers with the business side of their law firms (the operations, bookkeeping and technology). So I put out a tweet to canvass interest and I realized there is something here.

So now we are offering a CPD that we hope will be epic enough to live up to the name! The first sessions will focus on the tech side of the intake process and will run in October and November 2022.

CPD that is PRACTICAL and ACTIONABLE for solo/small firm lawyers & paralegals

3 Hours split into 4 webinars (45 minutes each) over 8 weeks (for implementation)

All 4 webinars take place live Fridays at 12pm and are recorded.  Templates included. 

This program contains 3 hours of Professionalism Content approved by the Law Society of Ontario.

 DO YOu ever want to be "just" a lawyer? 

Do you ever feel like you don't know how to run a modern law firm? You know the law but you're not sure how to deliver a modern, tech-savvy, client-centric experience? Or you thought you were keeping up, but suddenly you're hearing about CRMs, automations and other things that make your head spin?

we all start somewhere

It's totally ok not to know how to run a law firm! You didn't learn this stuff in law school! (Ok, maybe you Ryerson grads did, but the rest of us sure didn't). Maybe you've been doing it for a while, but during the pandemic you looked around and realized the times have changed and you're falling behind. Or maybe you didn't plan to hang your own shingle, but here you are. And let's face it - there is a lot you need to know! And your clients expect you to magically know how to run a business.


Professional developement to move your practice forward

The program will serve lawyers and paralegals running their own practices. The focus is operations/technology; specifically, the HOW TO of setting up systems. We will learn about technology and automations to enhance practice management and improve client experience. Over 8 weeks we will have 4 sessions focusing on different aspects of business (primarily the intake process). You will be taught about the technology options, given time to ask questions, and then able to interact with the presenter and other registrants to get feedback on as they implement. The goal is for each participant is to be able to put what they learn into practice over a 2 month period.


Lisa Feldstein, Principal Lawyer, Lisa Feldstein Law Office

If you know me, you aren't even wondering! But if you don't know me, here's a little overview so you know I have street cred. I have been running my own law firm since 2013 (as a solo lawyer and at times with an articling student or associate). I have spent nearly a decade researching, building and trying out a ton of technology for my practice (chatbots, custom apps, online courses, a digital download shop- you name it, I've tried it!). Logic games were my favourite part of the LSAT, and it turns out, creating automations is just one big logic game. I am obsessed with efficiency and using technology to design a firm that can offer competitive rates, while giving me enough freedom to have a family. I also happen to love entrepreneurship, and learning about business (brainstorming business ideas is a favourite past time of mine). I have been informally mentoring lawyers for years about many aspects of technology and business operations, and it's time to follow my own advice and scale the delivery of that knowledge!

award winning blog

My blog won a Clawbie in 2014.


My website (www.familyhealthlaw.ca) was named as the 2021 best website by Lawyerist!


In 2015 I was named a Precedent Setter by Precedent Magazine. 

I am not a tech genius or a coder, and you don't have to be either. But I have enjoyed the learning curve of building my business and want to share what I've learned with you. To avoid overwhelm and ensure you can action what you learn, we will take it slow and keep it practical. This CPD will consist of short lessons spread out over two months so you can learn, implement and repeat.

Course Curriculum

What is the cost of the 4 lessons and access to community?

Sign up for all 4 classes (45 minutes each) and you will receive access to an online community where you can post questions as you implement what we learn.

One time fee


plus HST (Canadian dollars)

"Watching the first webinar.   It’s so awesome. This is exactly what I needed."

New Solo Lawyer in Ontario

I want to join the inaugural class! What now?

Just click below and sign up! 

Save time

We are working hard to create templates that you can access for your firm (some of  which you can modify and use right away).

Judgement free

Ask your "dumb" questions and if you sign up for the full course (as opposed to a single class), you get access to the online community to ask questions between classes

Access recordings

Classes are Fridays at noon for 45 minutes to easily fit into your busy schedule. But rest assured, they will also be recorded in case something comes up and you cannot attend.

Prefer to join just a single class? You can do that too!

Upcoming Live Classes

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